Game doesn't launch
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  • Hi there. I'm trying to play vs AI for quit a time now. There were different issues until I found all those cracked stuff.

    Now: I use Win7, latest SC2 client before BEAT closed, SC2ALLin1-Launcher and some maps I downloaded from the net.

    Previously I started the games via Map Editor, but this AI is quite too easy and unspectacular. After applying the StarCrack 7.02 Version and the patch the maps are totally wasted if I open them in the Map Editor.

    However, if I try launching with the Sc2ALLin1-Launcher, the game doesn't start. Just the little Starcraft 2 logo appears in the middle of the screen and nothing more happens.

    I start all the applications as administrator, but the game just doesn't start.

    Where's the problem? Would be glad if anyone helped.

    Greetz, just another Starcraft player

  • From what I can tell from your description, you tried to patch StarCrack AI 7.02 into the map itself so you don't have to use the launcher and as a result, messed up your maps? If this is so, it might be a problem with the launcher reading the maps. Try launching it with unedited blizzard official maps, all of which can be found hosted here on nibbits.

    This seems to be more of a launcher related problem than AI, you should post it here instead.

  • Actually, it seems, he misses loading some texture from the patched SC2Liberty folder. But that's not the issue. The problem is that the game just doesn't start with the ALLin1 Launcher. It starts only from the World editor, but the world editor applies standard AI.

  • The problem should be fixed, if the StarCrack script would have something like

    - Test if an instance of the game is already running.
    - If yes, load the map without starting StarCraftII.exe
    - If not, start StarCraftII.exe

    This way it would just load the map in the opened game, which was started via World Editor.

  • dont cry and download the latest version smart ass ;-)

    nothing to do with the starcrack AI or the launcher, the US servers just got down and your game crash. we had a hole topic just for that and the workarrounds....

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  • I tried to download the latest crack and followed all the instruction, but I cant really play the game :(
    when pressing launch in the launcher, the game opens up and tells me that I cant play the game, because I am not registered for it on the blizzard website :(

    any ideas? :(

    Registered User

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