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Latest Official Blizzard Maps
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artypixelle Starcraft 2 Maps
artypixelle 7 <br /> <br /> <br />NEW URL August 2015 <br />Please update your bookmarks <br />thanks <br...
Starcraft II Versus A.I. Maps HELP
giggles I did it as explained with map editor and it worked just as you've said :-D thank you
How do you install new maps?
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DOTA2 Hottest Beauty Champions
phoudthavong Wer sagt, dass weibliche Champions in Dota 2 nicht heiß sind? Gut ich habe Bilder von weiblichen Champions gefunden, die sowohl anmutig als auch he...
Looking for Testers
Ding760 4 Hello!!! I'm back, and with me more entries for the Zeheroth campaign! I've actually posted the next two instalments in the new 'Due Vengeance' ...
How do you install new maps?
quinn Ya htere's also another directory, the My Documents/Starcraft II Beta/Maps/Cache/<map name without .s2ma>/some file.bin wow thanks :) great help...
Latest Official Blizzard Maps
heyakllk the rar file says it cant be opened, says its maybe corrupted or broken what should i do?
StarTCraft (The Offline StarCraft II Loader)
Spaceclaw 1 You go to those websites to find the downloads
StarTCraft (The Offline StarCraft II Loader)
STARCRAFT when i click the StarTCraft_107_Download_Links.txt link, which sends me to a site where it says some instructions to download after the countdown ...


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