Your launcher won't work anymore
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  • Just got the latest patch and now the game doesn't work anymore. It now requires a damn game key for single player and even for your launcher. *sighs

    Geez. They really don't want it to be played for free.:(

    If I don't have a very strict parent, I'll surely buy all of their CD's in July 27, 2010. Sheez!

    Anyway, where could we get a game key? Any ideas?

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  • u can play. just have to crack the sc2.exe and the sc2editor.exe. then use the launcher.. goo look

  • thanks! very useful...

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  • When I click on the link, it just goes to the Support SC2Allin1 forums. Could someone give me help on how to fix the validation error? If they can enter the thread, could someone copy and paste or something?

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