Error with 7.03
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  • Hey guys

    ok , i installed everything as instructed, 7.02 standard then patched it to 7.03

    When i start up with the SC2allin1 launcher. the AI doesnt work. the map loads. but with nothing on it. my units arent there and neither are any others, just a blank map

    my sc2 is freshly installed and updated. now i cant play sc2 against the normal Blizz AI cause any map i load is blank

    cause the Starcracked replaced My Core.SC2Mod in the liberty folder

    my SC2 is beta 2 version

    I've Also noticed im not the first to post about this. but ive posted abit more information

    Can someone helpful please reply. the other posts have no reply either.

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  • As mentioned many many times before, all custom/user created AIs do not work as of phase 2. Use the newest Allin1 launcher which includes the latest blizzard AI.

  • Well not everybody reads the forums. you see the install instructions leading to starcrack and assume it works

    since the install instructions state clearly "patch 17"

    So can nibbits at least provide the Core.SC2Mod from patch inside the liberty mod folder for download so we can replace what the AI files replace and fix our sc2?

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  • anybody able to upload version Core.SC2Mod original from a fresh install inside the Liberty mod folder so people can repair there SC2?

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  • I am currently using the newest version of SC2ALLin1
    Yet it does not work for me it just keeps on being dark D:


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