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  • Here are the plans for the beta v.2:

    Beta V2 Milestone

    -- Main improvements/additions

    * Whole project validation
    * Galaxy code completion
    * XML code highlighting
    * Files realtime backup (protect against crashes)
    * Most options from preferences implemented
    * Fullscreen mode
    * App name change (I'll make a poll)
    * Better icons
    * Help viewer and "what is this?" help
    * Options to associate project&galaxy files to MWAIE
    * Basic drag&drop support

    -- Improvements by category

    * Improved editor:
    > correct folding
    > fastest&better coloring
    > options to change editor styles (colors, font)
    > different char enconding support
    > info about total lines/words/enconding
    > better open/save/save as (currently they dont show files names while saving/opening, etc)
    > editor integrated with find/replace (no popup dialog)
    > native functions highlighting
    > lots of new text-editor-like options

    * Tabbar
    > Context menu for rapidly file close/save/new/etc
    > Custom styling for tabs (for rapidly change current file when having a lot of files)

    * Improved validator:
    > remove repetitive messages
    > add better icons
    > options to change the colors/fonts/size of errors
    > include extra files/folders for validation
    > better understanding about what is begin parsed, i.e single file/project file/ project

    * Importing&Exporting
    > configure hash table size/compression algorithm /etc.
    > option to export to a triggerLibs folder in SC2 root folder
    > import files from mpqs

    * Projects
    > option to hide folders/files from view
    > lots of new options: file management/project settings/ project merge
    > debug/release mode
    (maybe not implemented in next beta, plans for this is to parse all projects galaxy files and remove debug calls, among other options)

    * Help
    > help viewer
    > some tutorials for newbies

    -- Bug fixes

    See bugs in bugs/issues thread.


    Under construction...

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