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    I wish I was level 3 here so I could write reviews xD
    I play 2v2 a lot so I'd love to write a real review for this map, but since I can't there... guess I'll just make an enormous comment!

    The map itself doesn't make much since for 1v1, especially if it isn't forced cross spawn (please god let it be), but seems like a great and fun 2v2 map.

    I feel like reaper and/or blink stalker play is very strong on this map due to how much area there is exposed in the mains since it extends almost 200 degrees. If you just filled in that little blue textured area with doodads making it unpathable, I feel that would not only look good, but reduce the potential ridiculousness of defending a blink stalker all in. The mains are pretty dropable too, so fixing the amount of blink/reaper play on them would be a good change.

    The naturals look a little too exposed, pretty hard to FFE or wall off at all, which leads back to the comment about filling in that blue textured area with unpathable doodads

    I feel the bases in the middle should be switched to both golds with 6 minerals each (so 12 gold minerals in each mid base), since they are both very exposed and harassable by high ground, making it a better risk/reward situation.

    The little rich bases should be changed to a full base, and maybe made less open. It seems like in order to get a third or fourth you have to separate too much.

    The XNT placement is perfect, don't change them for any reason!

    Here's a super quick doodle of how I would personally update this map! The red spots are ones that should be taken out (unplayable) and the green spots should be made playable. Hope you enjoy my feedback!


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