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    Works with Patch 13! The Allin1 Launcher now uses this method, go grab it now!

  • Starcraft: Episode II - Overmind

    Official source: The complete Zerg campaign from SC1 for SC...

  • Starcraft: Episode I - Rebel Yell

    Official source: Starcraft: Episode I - Rebel ...

  • Corosus's Extra Players and Money Map Pack for StarLauncher

    Instructions: To be Used with StarLauncher ->

  • Ride the Lightning

    This is a mini campaign that follows a bunch of bountyhunters doing jobs throughout the universe. - 4 diffrent dif...

  • Allin1

    Holaa ablo español y soy nuevo me gustaria Conocerles =)



    Holds all my replays i think.

  • Enslavers

    *FIXED* This is my tribute to the custom campaign called "Enslavers" made by Blizzard for SC1. Medium difficulty i...

    THe first game.

    the second game


    This is AgriaValley customized by me with gold minerals and rich vespene geyser for a fast expand. I hope you will en...

    A good ZvP to send to friends for review

    A good ZvT to send to friends for review




  • New SC2 Map: U Horney

    New large 2v2 and FFA melee map. Spines shoot out from cliff sides hence the map name. 2x entrances/exits to each mai...

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