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Coldfusionstorm: Fair rating, it is a rather hardcore map, :), but as it says int the explanation you are dead if you are alone.(im not sure this version have this)...
Defence of the Ancients
Coldfusionstorm: Creativity Thriwed ALOT in wc3. untill DoTa came along, dota pratically killed Every single custom map execept for a few ones. i havent seen ...
Defence of the Ancients
Coldfusionstorm: I am impressed, this is really nice :), well, of course it lacks a little something here and there, but its VERY nice, alone the fact that you can ...
Coldfusionstorm: it is still a little immature the map yes, but its also kinda in the still atm, because im simply too busy,and the editor, is just so hard to do ev...
Introduce Yourself
Coldfusionstorm: I am Coldfusionstorm, and i hope to rage the ladders of sc2 when it gets out. :), im by no means the best player...yet ;D, aside from that i enjoy ...
Coldfusion vs Nekromus
Coldfusionstorm: there have been 10 downloads but no comments, if you viewed and saw the video, would you mind comment, so i can know what you think of it?.
ZvZ, perfect timing,shocking end
Coldfusionstorm: This....was.....AWESOME !!!!, that was stessed jugdement on the other dudes part ;D if he had just taken those crawlers :D. but it was quick thinkg...
Collosus good counter for light units
Coldfusionstorm: that is if a terran player dosnt rape you first? ;D.
Your game strat
Coldfusionstorm: iD tend to play Dynamically, Altho ive begun improveming my Micro/APM,But Yeahm,Orbital Win-Mode :D Mules are the Shizzle.
Coldfusionstorm: This is gonna be interesting :)
StarCraft2 Funny Drone Rush
Coldfusionstorm: Teh starcraft 1 Music just made it so much more epic :). Love it!, altho i thougth the title meant with zerg drones :)
You must construct add. pylons
Coldfusionstorm: Yeah :D, but i go with 1, Caption should be opposite. Destroy more pylons :D, perhaps with a drone spawning even MORE pylons.
[Nibbits] dcramer
Coldfusionstorm: Nibbits (zerg) has a great attack underway :). exsiting.
[Nibbits] dcramer
Coldfusionstorm: Interesting play so far, very aggresive play :), from the Nibbits as Zerg, i dindt saw too much here from :D
Your game strat
Coldfusionstorm: Im also gonna try a Backdoor, perhaps teching to warp prism witha bounch of gates, then drop a loads of zealots, and a a few stasifyers.(dependent...
What race will you play first?
Coldfusionstorm: First game im gonna random, but i think terran is those im gonna play most, or zerg, those buggers have been growing on me. heh. growing on me
Your game strat
Coldfusionstorm: So what are your strat going to be when the game comes out, im gonna test out the Planetary rush, and Zerg rush. and then play some defensice Te...
The Contest Has Begun
Coldfusionstorm: So, id throw a msg here for XP, while im thing up something :)

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