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Crook3d: Like others have said, keep forces divided to get flank.. Mutas can work with good micro, but storm can still rape mutas if not carefully microed. ...
The Intersection v1.2a
Crook3d: This was a really fun map to play. I hope to see more like it :)
Defence of the Ancients
Crook3d: Well, thank you for the effort you've put into this, but I think that SC2 would allow you to really focus on improving dota-style gameplay, rather ...
Collosus good counter for light units
Crook3d: Definitely strong for taking out groups of light units, though as mentioned they need support.. Don't think anyone would really be going for a pure...
Top Down Fighters
Crook3d: Can't seem to find the updated version with the class selection.. I've seen it in a video on youtube.. So I know it is (or was) out there somewhere...
Avalon, The Holy Land: Prologue
Crook3d: Well made map.. I had fun playing, even though I don't do so well due to poor micro skills.. Maybe in the future you can make an ezmode for the les...
Turret Defense 2010
Crook3d: Aaah I love that there is already a remake of the classic that spawned all these tower defense flash games.. well done :)
Call of Ancestors v1
Crook3d: Fun map, looks like you have put quite a bit of effort into making this work, voiceovers and all.
Star Defender
Crook3d: Also not working for me with patch 13.. looks promising though, keep up the good work, I look forward to being able to try it out again soon.
Single Player Madness
Crook3d: I love seeing the remakes of the SC1 classic UMS games.. I spent countless hours playing ling madness and look forward to more like this for SC2. T...
Riley's Micro Olympics
Crook3d: Cool idea, my micro is pretty weak so hopefully I can use this to improve by release.. I really enjoy the ghosts :)
World of Starcraft
Crook3d: Thanks for the upload, looking forward to see what comes from this, since it seems like a very creative start.

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