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Deleting a Map
Mag: Me or vernam7 can remove them/mark them inactive so they don't show up anymore, send me a PM with the URL's and reason for removing them
campaign map contest results?
Mag: Give me a little more time.., I've been extremely busy with my job the last 3 weeks and it's causing some delays in the review process. No worri...
Mag: Save up a bit perhaps?, it's not THAT expensive..
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: All entries are in people, I'd love to see you review them.
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: Older one is ?
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: How much extra time do you need ?, I can extend it a few days if you really need it :)
Starcraft 2 Campaign map contest
Mag: Second entry is in :-)
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: And there's 2 entries in, start playing so you can vote next month :)
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: About the rules: They're a guideline on what we'd want to see, they're not set in stone. We're not going to nitpick if you have a great story th...
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: The map needs to be loadable from a single file. So no hassle with installing custom mods. If you can make it fit in the map file so the custom ...
Campaign map contest 2011
Mag: Ask your questions and discuss ideas about the September 2011 SC2 map contest in this thread
Z33K Launches $50 Daily and Monthly
Mag: Actually yes, I'm going over the details with vernam7 on how to dress it up at the moment, so keep your eyes open the upcoming week
Z33K Launches $50 Daily and Monthly
Mag: Added a frontpage announcement for it :)
Introduction/map description
Mag: I made it featured on the frontpage for today, let's see if that helps a bit :-)
Max number of possible units by time elapsed
Mag: WAAH, zergling rush I tell you !!
Apparently Nibbits Has No Idea How Melee Works
Mag: Great, I featured it on the front page for a week.
Apparently Nibbits Has No Idea How Melee Works
Mag: Hey excalibur. If you'd like to write up an article on how to properly do this with pointers, tips, do's and dont's.., I'd be happy to post it as a...
Your replay file failed to parse.
Mag: Yeah I know, still working on it. The current python code behind parsing it is..., ancient to say the least. Still working on implementing a new...
Remove Beta Maps
Mag: We could move the maps involved to a seperate (beta ?) subsection if the majority of the people would like this ?
Porn Maps
Mag: fixed
Mag: I'm cleaning up those false votes, including the ones they voted up (caught 6 accounts doing just that) and warning the accounts involved, thanks f...
Langauge etc.
Mag: I personally can do Dutch and English, then I can read some limited German and French, but hardly enough to go translate it all.., especially into ...
Nibbits Shop Item
Mag: and if I wanted to be an arse I could reupload to get them back on top True, but generally we have very nice people here that don't do that ;) ...
Removing Dead Threads
Mag: I have several forum wishes on my todo list, including an option to hide threads older then X time. Problem is that these forums are entirely custo...
Nibbits Shop Item
Mag: If you 'feature' a map, it will show up on the front page for a week in the right column below 'Featured'
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