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OverMindGiygas: I can't see my cursor at this map(it wasn't happen before because I played on crack now I have orginal version).
OverMindGiygas: Can you add screenshot?
Waterfall Temple
OverMindGiygas: Good map!
Introduce Yourself
OverMindGiygas: Hello! I know that isn't my 1st comment but I didn't knew there are this thread. I have 15 years old and as you may know I'm from Poland(where SC...
About Our Computers
OverMindGiygas: Like in the title-in this thread we can say something about ours PC's/laptops/Mac's. My comp: 4 GB RAM OS:Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Graphics Ca...
GTrainer v1.1.2
OverMindGiygas: Forgot what I saying-don't work for 1.1.3 pacht!Or I shouldn't use cracks and buy orginal version.
MilkyWAI Editor
OverMindGiygas: Oh I was looking for it! Thanks!
StarEditor Fix (BETA)
OverMindGiygas: So this is for beta? If yes I don't need it. Why someone still use beta if we have the final version?Someone can tell me?
Lost Viking Trainer
OverMindGiygas: 1.Works. 2.No virus! 3.Good job!
The Little Probe that could
OverMindGiygas: lol what a brave probeXD and zelda songsXD
OverMindGiygas: My SC2 camping menu looks not like yours.Why?
Zergling Rush
OverMindGiygas: too much zerglingsXD
Zerg Nexus
OverMindGiygas: I was laguht when I saw probes working together with the dronesXD
StarCraft2 Funny Drone Rush
OverMindGiygas: Raven are one of my fav Terran units.
SS preview
OverMindGiygas: 1st commentXD I don't know why no one comment this cool image before :/
MDS preview
OverMindGiygas: Looks like from good 3D movie.
Dustrion Fortress
OverMindGiygas: Do you know how to make a 3D image of SC2 map?
MDS preview
OverMindGiygas: This picture looks like a crosshair.
XP and Gold
OverMindGiygas: Do you know how to gain XP and gold fast?
StarCraft II Official Maps
OverMindGiygas: there are official maps: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EFRE1KRW
Langauge etc.
OverMindGiygas: I have a good feedback to Nibbits's admin:Change Langauge Option. This option will bring some non-english SC2 players.
AI Tool
OverMindGiygas: Hi! I want to make my own AI for SC2.But I need some tool for it. I will upload my AI on this site.
Is there 1.2 crack?
OverMindGiygas: Guy,now there are 1.1.3 patch!
5 favorite/best maps on nibbits
OverMindGiygas: My fav maps: m43 Vexor's Quest Call of Ancestors This is BATTLE!(my map) Free Game(my map)
Patch 13.1 or 14 coming
OverMindGiygas: New patch=bad news for pepole who use cracks.
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