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Official End of US Beta - Exact Time
Pistolfied: Well, it is now gone. Let the anxious waiting begin! Now, if only I could find a way to play maps through the cache (that I've downloaded over ...
Patch 14 and 15
Pistolfied: Patches 14 and 15 were both released in fairly close proximity and mostly introduce game balance features. Patch 14 Notes Balance Changes ...
Starcraft 2 Beta: Patch 13 Now Live!
Pistolfied: The patch didn't break your game but it broke the servers. I believe they did some networking changes which have basically screwed the servers ove...
Starcraft 2 Beta: Patch 13 Now Live!
Pistolfied: Most of the changes I felt were needed but the ultralisk nerf... I barely ever see ultras in use and when they are, they get rolled over so easily...
Patch 9 coming soon!
Pistolfied: Can't wait to see what others do with the editor (and maybe myself). Wonder if it'll be a crippled or a full version of the editor.
SC2 Launcher problems and possible fixes
Pistolfied: Just an FYI: If you've been experiencing flashing in other games roll back your drivers as the patch that caused the flashing in SC2 did so for a c...
Post here Suggestions that could make the tool “better”.
Pistolfied: Add the ability to delete multiple replay files at once. I don't like keeping a ton on my HDD and it is somewhat annoying having to go through and...
Our First WInner
Pistolfied: :( Congratz, nice win though. GG
What do you want to see in 7.1?
Pistolfied: I want to see AI cheese me :)
No LAN Support (Official)
Pistolfied: Wasn't there going to be LAN but with the requirement of still being logged into battle.net?
Patch 7 (version
Pistolfied: Nice to see some buffs mixed in with nerfs this time... Happy that they nerfed the psi storm some more.
StarCrack 7.0 Standard.rar
Pistolfied: Just played a game of TvZ and lost to roaches, lings, banelinges, and mutas. Looks like I'll have to step up my game from my bad habits of playing...
Say Hello to Reviews
Pistolfied: Alright! I approve of this. I know I personally like to know of people's actual opinions rather than just seeing a number with no visible reason...
Starcraft 2 BEST ALLin1 Tool (v4.6.1) (offline mode)
Pistolfied: Awesome, love this launcher and have to say thank you to everyone affiliated with it. Works great and has a nice interface.
resource trading system
Pistolfied: I actually like the idea of sharing resources simply because if I go a certain tech tree sometimes I end up with a huge surplus of something and ca...
Site Updates March 7th
Pistolfied: Looking forward to the "other features" that you'll be making. Don't really like the gold system however.
Are most maps....?
Pistolfied: I believe there is a launcher that enables you to play 2v2 over at darkblizz. (With AI that is).
Pistolfied: May-leh: A map where you start out with a Command Center, Nexus, or Hatchery (pertaining to the race picked in lobby), and you slowly gather resour...
plz make AI harder plz
Pistolfied: Standard v6.0 is still too easy, while the cheating requires a play style that you would NEVER use against a real player. Its steadily getting a l...
Pistolfied: Mine explains what I think of Blizzard's release schedule. *Hopes for bigger avatars...
Starcraft 2 Release date
Pistolfied: Blizzard said that the beta is supposed to run for 3-5 months depending on how successful they are at getting things balanced I guess. I did read ...
Which race are you best/worst at?
Pistolfied: Random, cause that's the only way to roll :)
Lost Temple
Pistolfied: Despite the file name, this is not a 2v2 map. This is just lost temple in a 4 way FFA.
(2) - Fast Money - Blistering Sands
Pistolfied: The expos are all removed and the bases start with 6 high yield gas along with something like 20 high yield minerals. Good for seeing how a fleet ...
The Contest Has Begun
Pistolfied: Hopefully the winner's IP will be scanned to make sure there isn't dupes?
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