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Sullys new map
Sully: I have just posted the finished version.. Enjoy
Sullys new map
Sully: Hey guys, I thought I would chuck up a couple of images for my new map im working on I hope to get out in the next few days. let me know what you t...
Nibbits login link
Sully: I think i'm actually logged in atm but i cant seem to get to my actual profile at all :S
Nibbits login link
Sully: The nibbits login link that is always at the top of the screen is missing along with my profile bar. Is anyone else having this issue ?
Sully: Wow... Great map good work
Sully: Thanks pandazerg and kingcorwin. Brain storming ideas for my next one hopefully won't disappoint .
Highrise 464 downloads a a day ?
Sully: I just dont recall seeing anything even ball park close to 465 lol .
Highrise 464 downloads a a day ?
Sully: Can my highrise map really be doing 464 downloads a day ?
Niflheim Invasion
Sully: How did you get that snow look ?
Sully: Thanks for the feedback sepnova :) I didnt put nearly as much time into this as I did lost aiur just wanted to make a 1v1 map . Ill be making anot...
Lost Aiur
Sully: Check my new highrise map out when you time :)
Rusty Sand
Sully: Great map man :)
LEAKED Heart of the Swarm - closed beta - New Galaxy Editor
Sully: yes you are probaly more than right artypixelle:)i still cant wait for it thos. Any 1 herd about the release date ?
Neo Station
Sully: Very different and fun to play :)

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