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[XoG] (4)The Shrine
XoG: Thanks :)
whos your favorite singer of all time?
XoG: I also love Serj Tankian, before and after System of a Down. I like James Sullivan from Avenged Sevenfold is my favorite singer(and he plays the dr...
help me with a ums map name
XoG: Would it be "Can you stop one unit?" That sounds like that one. Click here for a link to the one I use.
Apture functionality (toolbar + highlighting) added
XoG: Oh, my browser must've screwed up. At first I had to scroll all the way down. It's works fine now.
Apture functionality (toolbar + highlighting) added
XoG: They both work exactly as you say, and that's great. But, I don't like the idea of scrolling to the bottom of the page to share something on Facebo...
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm "unlikely" for 2011
XoG: Honestly, I hope the game isn't released until 2012. As long as they make it worth the wait.
explicit madness multiplayer feedback plz
XoG: The video is a private video, therefor.. nobody can watch it. As for playing the map, you should really sign up for the site and post it for easy a...
[XoG] My Maps So far, and ones to come in the future...
XoG: Okay, for anyone who has actually been following this thread, first of all: I apologize. Stuff has been going on in real life, and it's clawing ...
PvZ Ivannumberone
XoG: Can I be informed of what this is exactly? You should add more of a description.
Which region will you choose for SC2?
XoG: can I play the euro server even im in southeast asia? It depends on which game you buy, it comes with different regions. If you want to play on the...
Q about featured maps
XoG: There is an article here to answer your question. Also, I apologize about the argument we had before, no hard feelings, eh?
The Labyrinth
XoG: Grats on #1(Popularity)!
Some suggestions
XoG: For the map updating part, that is pretty much the point to the projects, the only thing I didn't like was the maps aren't permalinked. For the...
Is there a 1.3 crack
XoG: There is already a thread about finding a 1.2.0 Crack, please refer to this Thread for further info: Is there 1.2 crack? Closing this thread.
Feature Requests
XoG: What I meant was to have a way to identify maps easier as a part of a series, for a storyline of some sort.
Feature Requests
XoG: Map Packs I was wondering if it's possible to integrate maps belonging to a group of maps. Could be helpful for maps that follow a Storyline, or...
Spam Thread
XoG: Spam Removed - 'Gage Inventory' Removed some spam from "Gage Inventory"(anonymous), advertising a virtual football game on people's maps, let my k...
Spam Thread
XoG: I've noticed a few instances of spam on the site recently, if you see spam somewhere on the site(on your map, etc.), please either report it here o...
Close Quarters
XoG: 'Evenly balanced map but with uninteresting terrain. 2 stars from me.' Wow, harsh lol.
(2)Labyrinth 1.00.scm
XoG: Hmm, i think I've figured it out. It's the tileset most likely that is preventing the melee setting Yeah, that's what I said. It's not possible to...
Social media widget
XoG: It's awesome.
doesn't work
XoG: extionction and another map but i think there is an extension error because its .sc2ma the others maps are sc2map.... Just rename the map with t...
(2)Labyrinth 1.00.scm
XoG: Guyugkuyg, it's just how the doors that are actually there are perceived by the map preview generator. EDIT: Just tried to playtest this map, th...
(2)Labyrinth 1.00.scm
XoG: For some strange reason the map preview shows two nexi(or nexuses or something???). There are no Nexxi there. Actually they're Gateways :), I'll t...
Server move bugs/errors
XoG: Yeah I know, I changed them in the backend to the actual realms, but the forums aren't following the new names yet. Already on my todo list :) Mag...
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