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Top Down Fighters
ZetaTwo: Very nice system. The text string messed up for me though. A bit too easy and a bit too short. But I suppose it's more like a tech demo. ^^
[Reference] {Triggers} Placement of Game Text
ZetaTwo: A nice and simple reference!
Patch 9 (Nibbits Mirror)
ZetaTwo: Maybe you can remove these now, since the patch is out anyway. Will maybe save some people some problems.
No LAN Support (Official)
ZetaTwo: I don't really care about this at all. I mean, when was the last time you were at a LAN without internet? No those who whine only do it for the sak...
Lazy Launcher
ZetaTwo: Simply works! Great program! Nothing unnecessary. Just the start button.
Galaxy Editor and Mac Client
ZetaTwo: The map editor looks awesome. We want it now!
ZetaTwo: Great map considering the tools available ATM.
Custom Units: Stalkers to Dragoons
ZetaTwo: So this actually work? In that case, cool! Can someone post a screenshot?
Pre-order and Access Beta
ZetaTwo: Only really worth it if you live in the US though.
MilkyWAI Editor 1.1 Beta
ZetaTwo: This looks really cool. Good job! But, what can you do so far with it?
Introduce Yourself
ZetaTwo: Hello! My real name is Calle Svensson. I am a student/developer from Sweden who plays Starcraft and sometimes WC3. Currently I'm playing the SC2...
Our 2nd Birthday
ZetaTwo: Congratulations! Good job zeeg!
[Nibbits Tools] SC2Replay Parser
ZetaTwo: Hello zeeg and NewbiZ! We are a small team working on a PHP library for parsing the replays. I've been in touch with zeeg previously but I just ...

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