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hjfabre: I think almost every live streams in Nibbits is outdated T.T I just watched Huskystarcraft and I found out that the stream was going on in the Wing...
nice explosion
hjfabre: Some of the Battlecruisers seem to have an unusual things on their 'NECKS."
Active shields
hjfabre: Wow, look at those old Graviton-Beam graphics~^.^
Baby-Starcraft 2 WoL Parody
hjfabre: I really like song parodies made by Huskystarcraft~^.^
Best Vortex Nuke of All Time P3
hjfabre: Wow... I really don't know what to say:)
Starcraft 2 Terran Theme Music
hjfabre: I really like the Terran music in the SC2 Wings of Liberty~^.^
So you think you can micro?
hjfabre: Very nice micro indeed!:)
1 Battlecruiser vs 2000 marines
hjfabre: Wow, it's probably a Hyperion!:)
Machinegun Madness
hjfabre: It's a very nice scene~:)
Command Center made of wood
hjfabre: Wow, I'm amazed that someone could actually make that~^.^ (Even though it is made of graphics it is still cool:))
Void Ray made of glass
hjfabre: Wow, very interesting~! I really like it:)
hjfabre: Wow, very nice design~^.^
Star Station
hjfabre: You don't have to open the map to play this map:) You can drag this map file to the HotS Switcher.exe located in your HotS Beta Installation folder...
GT AI (Green Tea AI)
hjfabre: In the previous version, in the custom HotS RPG maps I made, the Swarm Hosts didn't burrow at all T.T But when I used SC2AllIn1 they burrowed... Is...
GT AI (Green Tea AI)
hjfabre: Hi, I'm the person who asked you about 2 questions before about the A.I. Why is it when I put your A.I into Campaign-Dependency Map, and when I ope...
GT AI (Green Tea AI)
hjfabre: Hello, I'm the person who asked you about the Publishing stuff, and now I got a FPS problem T.T. During a game, I opened GT Option Dialog and set t...
GT AI (Green Tea AI)
hjfabre: I am the person who asked about the importing stuff before, and now I got this problem: When I was playing my custom Map(Dependencies: Liberty(Mod)...
Green Tea AI
hjfabre: Wow finally it works! Thank you Nexxy for solving this problem~^^ :)
Green Tea AI
hjfabre: I renamed unitdata.xml to unitdata2.xml and I changed banklist.xml to banklist2.xml. After I was done with that I imported the GT files, and I open...
Green Tea AI
hjfabre: I am Korean and I tried to publish the map in the Korean server, but it didn't work. When I try to play the map with other Koreans, it says the map...
Insect Farm.SC2Map
hjfabre: I really like this map but can you put A.Is in this map for single player also?
Hero RPG 0.6
hjfabre: Thank you for reporting the error.

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