Starcraft 2 Campaign map contest
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  • nomexd rated this entry 4 out of 5

    Good Job

  • Filosephy rated this entry 5 out of 5

    I think that this map seems to be where it's at for what you'd expect to be thought put into what you'd expect from a realistic seeming Terrain that gives your unit's mobility and range from your opponents units. I think that exploiting a bug in the game such as not being able to use stim-packs also speeks to the editor where-as there needs to be no improvements on stability, as it speeks to the inside workings of the physical game before-hand, as-like a gesture to his map making skill. Where-as if there was a flaw, it's not in the map itself, but in the continuity of it's success. I think it deserves #1 for it's self-sufficiancy and pre-lude to "This map is 'Too Good' to not play, because of it's scepticalness towards the true potencial, which there-in-lies.

  • ranger101 rated this entry 4 out of 5

    simple is good
    tiny map good work

    Registered User
  • turtles rated this entry 3 out of 5

    good work.

    It was a bit too easy though. The enemies you face do not seem to get any harder as the game progresses and all you can build is marines + marauders which does not provide much variety for the player. Maybe if you let the player also build hellions? that way they could have a scouting unit and not have to explore the whole map with marine+marauder. Also stim does not work, I think this is a bug


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