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  • Difficulty1- Go to Map -* Player properties: set one of the players (not player 1 because its you) `Control` to be a computer and `AI` to be a computer too (there you also * name, color, race, and start * for you and for the AI, leave `Decals` to stay `Default`). Make sure Player 1 `Control` is set to `User` (no need to set anything for Player 1 in `AI`)
    2- Go to Modules -* Triggers: then right click on `Events` (orange flag) -* `New` -* `New Action` then on the left * `Player` and on the right * `Set Player Difficulty Level` and press OK.
    3- In `Set player _` be sure to set the number of the player you set to be a computer and in `Difficulty Level To _` set the difficulty level you want to play (easy, medium, hard etc.)
    4- Go to File -* Test Document: and you are in the game! (don`t panic if the `validate SC2 license...` pops up, it should disappear after a couple of seconds).


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