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  • Hi, I love Campaign map of Blizzard, and I want to modified them with the Editor and playing for myself.

    After I have change the setting and all stats that I wanted for the game. I publish my map on blizzard server everything its ok.

    But then after the loading a page appear saying me "You have finish the Campaign Mode If you want to continue Upgrade Now - Or Continue to play with the starter Edition"
    I cannot click on the Upgrade Now, and when I click on "Continue" its go to the main menu.

    For sure that I have "The upgraded Version of Starcraft" but The Editor dont seem to know.
    (And yes Im connect on my account in the Editor map)

    Its work one time, I was playing my "Modified map of the campaign" once but after this time always the same error
    What im doing wrong?

    Can we modified Blizzard mission Campaign, and how?

    Thanks you


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