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  • so jelous of you about the "freetime" issue that i AM having.

    in sort i am not talking about Atlantis been scripted, at least not in this stages, i dont have time.

    now for future maps, i have some really really crazy and good ideas for storyling, but this is for WAY later!

    sc2allin1 v11, is sometimes going fast, sometimes going slow, but the bonus map dynamic link, is something i allready done in my private beta.

    about a final release, oh by i wish i could say, i keep on adding stuff, i keep on changing and testing ideas, and i never stop. :(

    anyways those will be discuses in my tool page.

    p.s about the atlantis map size etc, would like to see it been no more than 6!

    rich environment but not only for high end systems due to lots of decals.

    from a background sort story, we could say that this was once the capital city of some terran tribe in a planet, when their solar system was still young, and a commet that hit one of their moons changed the moon projectory that affected the tides and the techctinic plates of the terran tribe planet, and the entire city has gone submarine in few mins! so there should be lots of buildings etc.

    this couldalso easily be adupt to a protoss tribe, but i dont know i you have many protoss buildings to use to represent a "capital" city.

    now the story could also say that the mountains are now the islands, and that the old city was next so some big mineral resources nest, and thats why they keep on returning trying to extract them untill now.

    but some local survivors maybe causing trouble! (that part is for scripting so forget it for now)


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