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  • oh man, it sounds like you are almost done with this map, when i really need to find time to spent on it. :P

    you took my ideas very seriously and i cant follow you on that ultra yet :(

    so i leave it up to you if you wanna go on, and make this atlantis a nice skirmish map :)

    i hope you dont get it the wrong way, but i cant assist you even thought i want this so much! :(

    i have the following priorities
    1)progress on my RL job project (that so far goes very well)
    2)finish a personal external small project (that also goes very well and will be done this weekend)
    3)go back to sc2allin1 and code like crazy, (and this will take a LONG time i even think of cutting features to make a release earlier, like the 'random war')
    4)start practicing me scripting skills again with the map editor and help you out :)

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