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  • MTopsNow that I think about it, I understand why you would need the extra map file.

    But they really are 10mb in size. They all are. For every test game I run, the launcher creates a 10mb file.
    I have already deleted everything from before November 1st, and I have 13Gb of map files in that folder again.

    And I have tried zipping/rarring that map file, but it doesn't help much (maybe 5%)

    this turns into a issue topic (and this is not the place)so to wrap it up, its allbout how big the map file originally is!
    what custom AI do you implay in it to play your games
    the temp folder as i said over teh chnagelog history its something people sould keep track and delete those not needed.

    unfortunatly this is the only way to have cutom ai and replays working independly to every system what ever ai or game version they have and be trully portable!

    there is an alternative that i was using months before but this modifies originally game files and results shown that users were unable to handle this kind of stuff! they founded too complex!

    we will see in the future.
    for me a 5 MB map with Custom Ai and replay after a hight cmpression ends up arround 40-50% less in size thought.

    i will keep in mind for an alternative thought if possible in the future

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