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  • some more...

    Vernam7i will replay in the same msg here with bold under each proposal

    a way to edit the map description as seen under the map picture, from the launcher
    edit and be saved you mean i guess, why you need that? use the map editor
    an option to start it every time windows boots up
    accepted for future start windows just to play starcraft lol i like it
    check for updates button
    its there since verion 1 cant you see it? over the info button down left
    add some themes for it, like a tab for changing the skin of the launcher to some built in ones, or u can just download some new skins from the map server ( which also have skins for some reason )
    i thing you havent use the sc2allin1 more than 3mins thats why i see proposals that are allready there. there are three skins just hover over the sc2logo and see.
    an option to change ui font color/style/size
    bad idea
    also, a rating feature, if this is possible:
    each map file has some unique way to defferentiate it from other map files, so when seeing the maps in the launcher, it sends data to the map server and retrieves the statistics of the map, like the rating 1-5 stars, and displays them in the launcher, so when i download a zip file with 20 maps, and load them into the launcher i can right away see the ratings for the map, and maybe user comments about it...
    that was something an other launcher was doing, i dint like the idea because rating a map its pointless, what i love you may hate so whats the point? i would also like to keep the web traffic at minimum a rating system can be made but will eat more bandwith and to be made needs workhours that could be spend in my secret project better :P
    beside the cup/human race icon pic, add numbers so the last one will be like
    8. computer insane random ...etc
    when i make changes to the ui for 12-16 players and have more space then i will also add infrom of its slot a number, nice practical idea
    also add numbering to the map file list
    with the new tree style grid i have done in v11.0.0 you dont need that you get other sorting options like players etc
    maybe an option to add background music, and an option to change it ur own music file (by path or load it in the editor)
    setup will only get "heavier for nothing
    a button to scan ur whole hard drive and load all maps that have the .sc2map extension incase u have map files scattered everywhere
    this will take for ever thought lol, but maybe i will do that, be adviced that old and bad maps will be mixed with good and new and will only cause stupid question in the support section ;-) add maps from folder is fine for now
    some hotkeys, like if u press left arrow, it switches tabs to the left/ and able to customize them
    basic windows sortkeys are allready there, customizable will not be made
    when viewing the picture of the map in the launcher
    add a zoom option either by putting your mouse where ever on the map, then using the mouse scroll wheel, to zoom in, or by a thing u drag to zoom in, this way i can see more detail in the map
    again this is not a map editor! this is not even done by blizzard ingame menu! they only have 2 images 1small one bigger to do a small "zooming" i use the image minimap image the map allready has i cant do the map editors work and zoo in zoom out!
    a way for it to not deteced as a false positive in some antivuris's such as norton 360 v5
    impossible i cant teach antivirus that this is a trusted application the user has! you can only submit yuor self the file to norton and any other antivirus company to examine and in next version of your virus definitions will not be reported!


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