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  • Charlemagnevernam7, just few more points, broadening your assessment ... you have met some cool people, you have inspired others, the Charlemagne Maps (for what they are worth) would not exist were it not for the launcher, Blizzard are richer thanks to you (ie I would never have purchased StarCraft 2 were it not for your launcher, which is essential for my map making) ... it is part of life ... a hobby.

    As for, you know, that person with the 1001 ideas - some serious potential there it would seem.

    My wish list for the launcher, at some stage, are increased players, to 12 or even 16 and more color options.

    As always, many thanks for the launcher!


    sooner or later 12-16 will be in there. dont worry. and if the colors are less we will have to add more :)

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