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  • 0) Make sure your event is triggerable
    ....Condition isn't necessary
    ....Have a point you want them to move to
    .....UI-Text Message: "TRIGGERED/NOT TRIGGERD")

    1) Either choose the UnitGroupIssueOrder or UnitIssueOrder action.

    2) Select the first variable to use UnitLastCreatedGroup/UnitLastCreated (You have to select function next to the source choices to see it) Apparently you can set this to affect units created within the same trigger without affecting other created units.

    3) Select the second variable to use whatever you might need here - targeting a unit, unit group, or point(which i'm using).

    4) Set the third variable to whatever order you want them to use - attack, move, patrol, etc. I use attack here.

    5) Set the fourth as whatever point you want the unit sent toward.

    6) And the last variable is usually replace existing orders (to have them move immediately.)

    Note: I ran a timer that expired every few seconds, and when the timer expired, the map creates however many zealots I want at a point and immediately had them attack a point.

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