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  • For the sake of this example, I have chosen the engineering bay and it's objects because I will not be using them. This should be easy enough to customize yourselves once this has been read.

    1) Go to the upgrade section of the data editor (there's a drop down at the upper left of the window) and right click and create a new object. Call it whatever you want. I called this Marine Backup. Just for the heck of it, I made the (Affected Unit Array) a custom Command Center with no command card. You can use any custom building for this. Leave the other Marine Backup values the way they are.

    2) Create your custom upgrade unit under units that will handle the upgrade purchases. In this case i'm using the command center. It can be any building. Clear it's abilities list and add Engineering Bay - Research and Build Progress (not sure if build progress is necessary, I added it for the hell of it.)

    3) Go to the abilities section of the data editor and find our Engineering Bay - Research. Under info+ double click any blank line and insert our Marine Backup there. The very first drop in the new window will give you a button img you want to use for this. At the very bottom drop down select our Marine Backup upgrade. While we're at the very bottom, that last Time value will set how long the upgrade takes to complete. Before we're done, go back to the middle and select whatever resource we're going to charge for this upgrade and enter it. I used 1000 minerals for this.

    4) Go back to the upgrade unit you made and add to it's command card each upgrade you created. First you need to select the ability it will use (Our custom engineering bay research) and then the upgrade we placed inside that ability (Marine Backup).

    Voila! You're done. This can also be used for attribute upgrades. I use this with triggers to start spawns, but you can change it to add data to units as if it were an actual upgrade.

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