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  • Howdy. :3

    Alrighty Ive been messing around with the editor for about a week now. Used to make UMS back in the day, so fairly familiar with how triggers work and such. Just running into a few issues.

    Gonna see how many of these you guys can answer. :3

    1) Patrolling.
    I have a thing for making units patrol on some of my UMS. It looks awesome. What trigger(s) would you guys recommend to make them effect patrol between, we'll say, two regions (or points)

    2) "Credits"
    I noticed you can now diplay a "Cash" panel. Probably gonna be used to buy items (Wc3 style) but was wondering if anyone has figured out a way to use it rather then normal minerals (the panel looks sleek imo)

    We'll say for instance buying a marine at the Barracks. Go. xD

    3) (Last one) Making a computer player put units in a bunker.
    - Before, I could just set a base to "run on its own" and ta-da. the base at the "location" would do what I needed. Now I cannot seem to get a group of units (marines) to enter a rebuilt bunker on their own. Suggestions?

    Thanks guys. Ill check back in a few. :3
    See y'all in the Beta.


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