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  • Sup everyone,

    since I do play a lot of sc2 vs gtai on a laptop while traveling, I don't have an active internet connection to download good maps, plus most good maps can't be freely downloaded, so I came up with a way to get any map that's on easily:

    1. Find ANY replay on the map you want to get and play it through SC2. This forces the game to connect to and download the cached map.
    2. Get > s2ma cache manager:
    3. Run it, type 1 and press enter, than type 2, press enter. This prints the names and exact locations of the cached maps in the cache folder and sorts them by date, descending, which means that the latest cached map you downloaded will be on top.
    3. Just go to the cached map location, copy the file, rename it from xxx.s2ma to xxx.SC2Map and it's ready to be used!


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