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  • Note I use windows 7 x64 this should not matter.. but there it is.. this is help if you have win 7

    Ok, I will tell you exactly what to do to hack the latest version of the game... 1.4.3.xxxxxx it will work, the hints below will help you with all hacked games.

    hints.. dont be stupid.. follow the damn directions..

    1. Download COMODO Programs Manager its free and allows you to FULLY uninstall a program.. its so damn useful you will thank me for it latter.. especially if you hack allot of games.. and screw up, when you uninstall a program through the program manager.. allot is left behind.. this solves this issue. Install it.. and run it if you need to remove SCII as you are starting over.

    2. Download CC cleaner.. its free and cleans your registry of existing crap from scII if its uninstalled . Install it.. run it..


    1. download the torrent for RELOAD version of game, its just over 7 gigs

    2. mount game.. if you dont know how to do this.. go away.. and learn shit.

    4. install the reloaded ISO, leave internet on.. at 90% turn off your internet..

    5. download the 1.4.3 update.. get it here: I say this as I KNOW crack will work with this.. but as they may update 1.4.3 if you let the game update on its own..

    6. install update.. keep this update and ISO if you fuck up.. make sure internet is OFF

    7. once game is installed, and update is applied.. do this...

    7a. make sure you have BOTH 3.5.1 Framework and 4 Framework installed..

    now if you have windows 7 you DO have 3.5.1 its part of the operating system.. goto control panel, then Programs and features then when that window is open, click "Turn windows features on or off" make sure that framework 3.5.1 is checked as well as in its sub folders the first option.

    8. If you dont have framework 4.. get it and install it..

    9. now make sure you are NOT on the net.. run keytro1.4.x.exe.. wait til you see the gears.. when you do hit F2.. you will see writing on gears change.

    10. PAY ATTENTION! win 7.. goto ProgramData/Blizzard Entertainment/ delete everything in that folder, copy the new 1.4.3 cash in it.. you will see the offline file, and index file and the cache folder..

    11. copy same 1.4.3 cache to the folder in your SCII install folder.

    12. tell your firewall to block all exe files in your installed SCII directoty.

    13. If you wanna be really sure.. you can copy the following to your host file:

    But this is on YOU if you do it.. the host file is in in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

    If you dont know how to play with your hosts file.. dont!!

    14. goto your c:\users\YOUxxx\AppData\Local\Temp somewhere IN A FOLDER you will find a file called Blizzard update.exe (or something like that) delete it! Sorry I dont know the folder offhand.. its there.. delete the whole folder.

    your good.. if you did all above including host file, you can play at will, and surf the net at same time you play the game..

    Note I am not responsible for you hacking your game.. you can choose to follow this or not.. its on you!


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