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  • yourmaker... vikings are goliath+valkyrie... and to respond to the rest of this:
    Medic and the transporter from sc1 replaced by medivac(which fills in both units at the same time)
    Firebat+Vulture replaced by Hellion which matches the speed of a vulture and throws in some flames as a firebat
    Goliath+Valkyrie replaced by Viking which fits perfectly filling in both tasks of the ex-terran units (great anti air and great ground unit and the most useful thing about it is that it can actually change form if it has space(while in air towards ground i mean)at any time.
    Wraith ... replaced by guess who? banshee lol has cloak as wraith... (and no the fact that banshee attacks only ground does not mean it is weaker ... the viking fills in that even for wraith)
    Vessel replaced by raven due to 2 reasons: A: terrans needed some air support which could actually provide cover for the ground units and also to be able to harass enemies even tough that would be filled by hellions and reapers... B: vessel might have proven a nice unit in sc 1 but in sc2 it kinda would've failed with the new anti air capabilities that some ground units have so here comes raven with a seeker missile or turrets to disable the enemy from focusing on the raven or on other important units
    marauder which is also a firebat unit modified with grenade launcher is also a replacement to the vulture since the weapon is a grenade launcher so to not make this any longer any other units unspecified here are all having some abilities of the sc1 units just that not by a new unit but by more! hope this clarifies it ...


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