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  • Hi Guys!

    This is Alter Ego, a newly formed Starcraft 2 Mod-team with only the best people behind it. Not only do we aim to get the best designers and programmers, we also want to have the best management-team to support our production.

    We are offering all of our members the best creative place to be if you love Starcraft 2 and mods. You will be albe to work and create mods with a great team, we will also help you to shine in the custom maps community. We are aiming to be the leading group of creating mods and to make both Starcraft 2 players and Blizzard Entertainment stunned with our mods.

    You think you got what it takes to join us?

    We are currently recruiting custom map designers/programmers to Alter Ego. What we are looking for:
    - Strong Skills in creating mods with Starcraft 2 Editor
    - Fluency in English
    - Strong Communication skills
    - Creative and a great team-player
    - Passion for gaming!

    Send your application to:

    and feel free to contact us if you got any questions.

    Good luck and lets start making some f-ing awesome mods!

    "GEEK IS... Alter Ego"
    Mr. Benjy


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