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  • 0) you should say its a spoiler thread :P

    1)the dark voice is an exile xel naga
    2)i think it maybe him the enemy to defeat or others like him
    3)yes he was a xel naga
    4)probobly not

    after all a xel naga to be "born" need 2 species free of essence to be united!
    in our universe its protoss and zerg, but you will tell me zerg has overmind and kerrigan they are not "free" well they are controlled by them for now, and their leaders have free will!

    so in WOL the dark voice want terran and protoss to unite and destroy the zerg because by killing kerrigan and the zerg then there is no hop for new xel naga to be born and he could rule the universe as he wants!

    thats why zeratul said that she must pay for her crimes but kerrigan must leave because she is the key for our future!

    kerrigan will lead the zerg to freedom, (as also the leaked final trailer pro production cinematic was sawing us).

    the only think that sucks here is that most of them where predectable and the game will luck supreases like sc1 had! thats sad for the storyline. :(

    here is the no so "dark" voice:

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