StarCraft 2 Media: Force field AI. 20 sentries vs 1

Posted by Boxerpinoy (2012-07-08)

Showing off some of the force field AI I made as a proof of concept.

First one fight with a standard protoss gateway army against terran marines and marauders to show off some splitting force fields. The amount of force fields used can vary.

Then 20 sentries with max energy against 1000 zerglings. The force field circle around the sentries gets smaller and smaller pushing the sentries into eachother until they stack up, resembling the good ol' muta stacking in Starcraft: broodwar.

20 sentries can be protected from melee attacks with 3 force fields only but it seems like when I made it go down to 3, it sometimes made 2 of them or 3(but with one bad one) so the sentries leaked out and got killed. Therefore, I stuck with 4 in this video.

Currently not developing this anymore.

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  • In this case, you're wrong. As I've explained several times in the comments(although I don't blame you for reading through all of them), the AI does recognize the units and force field accordingly. This was just a short demo that I made in a day or so, so it only supports two modes. When it gets attacked, it analyzes the enemy army composition and decides whether it should split the enemy or surround itself. The force field placement is also dynamic.

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