Latest: SimanAI v0.3.1 - Scrap Station

SimanAI v0.3.1 - Scrap Station
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Project Rank 1,709 out of 1,767 in StarCraft 2

Map Variants

Name Mode
1 v 1
Two players fight to the death.

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  • Project Contributor In response to SimanAI v0.2 - Desert Oasis

    Thanks everyone for downloading and playing. I wrote this AI just for fun, not for challenging your skill and level. Hope you enjoy that.

    It does not build any counter units yet, not before I figure out how to do scanner sweep properly

    I just implement a new build order in this version, trying to mass Reapers

    and next version AI plays PF Rush, but it is pretty weak, LOL

    Registered User
  • easy to beat

    pros: Better AI than most maps. Focuses on macro and gets alot of SCVs. Actually sent an SCV to scout me.

    cons: failed to repel my rush attack (5 roaches and 4 lings) so it lost the game. it only had one barracks a bunch of depots built. Was mining vespene but only building rines...did not build marauders to counter my roaches...

    Registered User

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