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  • In response to Desolation

    Nice work with the terrain and doodads, but I must voice one concern, the Xel'Naga towers. The map is very small, thus the towers reveal almost 80% of the map if you control all 3. They are meant to help you scout out your enemies yes, but not reveal the entire map. I would take out the top and bottom towers and leave the middle, because it reveals the non-natural expansions and the main bases rock entrances without revealing the entire play area.

    US Beta
  • Project Contributor In response to Desolation

    Thanks for the feedback, I'm sure I would've noticed these things if I had tested the map much but since is down I haven't had much motivation to do more than basic testing since AI players are so predictable. In the next few days I'll probably fix up the map a little bit though anyway.

    Registered User
  • In response to Desolation

    the map has a cool idea but I have some feedback for you:

    When as terran and you build a gas at your main, your worker will get stuck behind the gas.

    There is a mineral patch that is in the corner and can't be mined unless another patch has been depleted.

    There are a TON of openings, which really favors zerg as they do better with flanking. I recommend putting a destructible rock to cover at least one way. Both the main and the natural expansion have too many openings. Only the gold expansions have one opening, if anything the gold should have multiple openings with your main having one and your natural having two.

    emc 2

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