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(4) Python (Remake)
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  • Project Contributor In response to (4) Python (Remake)

    Lost Temple has same size but i can try to scale it down. THANKS for your interest I appreciate that.

    I'm testing map with watch towers on the middle? what you think?

    Limak / 231
  • In response to (4) Python (Remake)

    yeah, this is a pretty cool map. My only complaint is that it's HUGE! I never played it in SC1, but is it the same size? If you can, scale it down, I know there is no easy way to do that but it would be a better map if it wasn't as big.

    still good though, keep it up.

    emc 2
  • In response to (4) Python (Remake)

    Nice! This seems to be a good version, oh and use

    SC2Allin1 because it works even with the current

    version of Starcraft 2! It rocks! Look for the latest

    version i think its on this site. v.9.6.6 It works like a charm!


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