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City Destcrution 1vs1
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  • Project Contributor In response to Metalopolis 1vs1

    Oh yea you probably are right, I guess I will do a different map then... though, how is this extremly similar to metalopolis other than the tileset? Main got 2 ramps, metalopolis has no island exe, metalopolis got 1 nat exe, here there are two, and the rest?

    Other than the name, they actually do not have that many in common.

  • In response to Metalopolis 1vs1

    This map is like stealing a video game then putting in your own part,then selling it as your own.By the way,good job.


    Registered User
  • In response to Metalopolis 1vs1

    Zakusho has a point, this is EXTREMELY similar to metalopolis

    Heretic / 967
    North America
  • In response to Metalopolis 1vs1

    one question... why did you actually put this in the contest? hmmm i tought that we are not allowed to put maps based on original maps(or shouldn't)since they are not well originally made by you 100%


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