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Wings of Liberty
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  • In response to Wings of Liberty

    Very good map-even at alpha stageXD

    EU Beta
  • In response to Wings of Liberty

    heard about blizzard's custom map contest? hallelujah! I have to start from the scratch. anyway your free to use the code of this map but I doubt that will be enough to win the contest. gotta think out of box.

  • In response to Wings of Liberty

    thanks for the comment. I'll add that to my list. but heck that's a lot of work. about thor sorry I can't give you that wish imagine if your stuck on someplace or surrounded by zergs due to big size. for now the next version will have grenades throwing when you right click the mouse though the grenades will be limited.

  • In response to Wings of Liberty

    I tested it, it works perfectly, it will great if you add ranks, or your marine evolves depending on the base of kills you do, like, one zerg give 1 gold, and you can buy new weapons/armors/characters, but, say it, it's easy, it's a lot of work....

    I'm still imaginating, using a Thor...

    Great map ever!

    Love it.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Too haaarrrd!! xDDDD
    and, there is a bug... when you get to close to an object, you get inmovilized, and you can't escape...

    Registered User

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