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outdated version - search for fresh one
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  • Project Contributor In response to Micro-Macro (proper)


    Recently i have received e-mail with feedback about this map which was really strange for me cause i thought the map was dead from the very begining somewhere at the totall bottom of the custom games list of popularity.

    Today when i have checked custom games it was on 4th place in popularity which was a shock from me. Positive shock.

    I have abandoned work on this map long time ago and left it in very early stage (coudlnt even test it out cause dont have 3 friends online on my friend list and map is for minimum 4 players). Today i had first chance to test it with fullhouse of players.

    But fear not, anyone who likes the idea of this map - I will start working on it again to bring it to version 1.0 and beyond.

    Things to come:

    - leaderboard (will need to find some help cause i cant code it)

    - improved gameplay (more interesting early stage, balanced zerg AI or totally revamped zerg activity, more competetive gameplay, etc)

    - more challenge for macro managing players including visibility of the opponents' macro player

    - bonuses for veteran units (rewards for good micro - the more encounters unit survives the stronger it becomes)

    - more objectives on the map (there is plenty interesting features to come here)

    - tips for interesting examples of strategies at the begining for new players

    and much more...




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