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Lost Arcanum
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Project Rank 816 out of 1,751 in StarCraft 2

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Melee 1v1

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  • In response to Lost Arcanum

    Lost Arcanum is beautifully finished. Even though it is quite large, I wouldn't comment so early that it is TOO large, only playtesting could determine that. I couldn't get my silly practice partners to try new maps (they always want to 3v3 anyway!) so I just played against the AI.

    My thoughts right now are that this map is a great experiment, and needs more data to judge whether its suitable for competitive play.

    US Beta
  • Project Contributor In response to Lost Arcanum

    Hi everyone,

    My last few maps (Acid Bath, Dunes of Despair and Twin Skulls) received a lot of positive comments here at Nibbits. With that in mind, I'm happy to introduce my latest melee map "Lost Arcanum". Be sure to check out the full description for all the details.

    Initial feedback already looks very promising, so I hope you all enjoy it. I'm thinking about replacing one of my original submissions (most likely Acid Bath) for the current map contest with this, so let me know what you think =)


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