Latest: Space Hunters - 4 Gold

Space Hunters - 4 Gold
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Project Rank 635 out of 1,751 in StarCraft 2

Map Variants

Name Mode
Melee 4v4

Player Information

  • Neutral (Neutral)
  • Player 1 (Human)
  • Player 2 (Human)
  • Player 3 (Human)
  • Player 4 (Human)
  • Player 5 (Human)
  • Player 6 (Human)
  • Player 7 (Human)
  • Player 8 (Human)

User Comments

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  • In response to Space Hunters - 4 Gold

    I like this project, I've played it several times against both human players and the AI and I think the map has an adequate layout to keep players on their toes, as having drop points as well as the possibility for a surprise attack through the "backyard" makes it exciting.

    The high gain mineral expansions are truly hard to defend, which is the price one must pay for greed :)

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