Latest: Xel'Naga Sands

Xel'Naga Sands
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Project Rank 730 out of 1,751 in StarCraft 2

Map Variants

Name Mode
Melee 1v1

Player Information

  • Neutral (Neutral)
  • Player 1 (Human)
  • Player 2 (Human)
  • Hostile (Hostile)

User Comments

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  • Project Contributor In response to Xel'Naga Sands

    Thanks ^^ Please provide feedback on ways I could improve the map or any bugs that occur.

    Registered User
  • In response to Xel'Naga Sands

    Awesome! ive been looking for sum new 1v1 maps to play and dis 1 is looking good :D i will look forward to seeing other maps you will create

    Registered User

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