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  • Project Contributor In response to Strongholds

    I've just uploaded a new version with increased radius of no-fly zones. I've tested it with carriers (air, range 8) trying to attack each other and with upgraded colossus (ground, range 9): Neither can attack over the walls any more.

    The wall and the lava pits are already marked as impassable, but the problem in path-finding for enemy ground units probably is related to the shape of the narrow entrances, but at least it doesn't happen very often, as I could not reproduce it.

  • Project Contributor In response to Strongholds

    Thanks for your comment, I'm glad that you have so much fun with my map!

    I will see what I can do about these issues.
    Increasing the no-fly zones should be no problem, but I don't know if I can fix the path finding - I've already tried something similar a few days ago.

  • In response to Strongholds

    The map is really cool, having loads of fun plying against the pc! i would brush up a couple of minor things though:
    The boundries/allow allow fire from enemy aircrafts from one side to another (but they have to be very close though), maybe increase the no fly area?

    And eneymy ground units may get fixed on a target thats directly on the other side of the wall, when they do this they dont go all the way round through the entrance. I had to destroy my building so they could move on, maybe force a no ground path. Could be a wall bug from the game mind you.

    in any case,as said these are just minor issues that dont always appear, and this doesnt stop me from playing it!

    Great Stuff!!



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