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Best Map Ever!.SC2Map
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  • In response to Best Map Ever!.SC2Map

    Dude I don't know what you did to the minerals but I tried placing new ones and they turned invincible and I didn't edit their properties at all. You must of accidentally made a trigger or something..

    And as for the map I don't like the middle... Your just asking for people to sit and tech to Tier 3 air. I would leave the middle open leave the LOS blockers and add two more land bridges on the far sides of the river that are both blocked. Other then that I think the map looked good. Keep it up and find out that mineral problem!

    US Beta
  • In response to Best Map Ever!.SC2Map

    then how to make it vulnerable again??

    Registered User
  • In response to Best Map Ever!.SC2Map

    By far not the "Best Map Ever" seeing as it's not possible to play this map. The mineral deposits are set to invulnerable making them impossible to harvest.

    The terrain looked nice, but working minerals are far more crucial to making a good map, not to mention "the best".


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