Latest: zergling attack 5.0.SC2Map

zergling attack 4.0.SC2Map
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  • emm why i don have any zerglings attack?

  • lol look at the description at"of on cumming zerglings"XD

    EU Beta
  • not bad, however you should consider giving the resource patches more than the default 1500. Also why not move the factories up the ramp?
    also is it just me or does the zergling hp reset (back to 1) after a few waves?

  • Hi, I need to say that this map gives more extra things than I've expected. What I especially liked is the idea of involving units from campaign and what was a total surprise the Tauren Space Marine. But in my opinion you should lower the cost of Barracks, so they can be built, because without them a player cannot build bunkers, Ghost Academy and Merc Compound. It's easy to defend without it, but some Ghosts and Mercs would be a nice add-on on the battle field. I also suggest adding some more zerg creatures (from campaign also "think about the look of the Omegalisk or Brutalisk on the battle field"). To sum up even without those things this map is totally cool. I look forward for more maps like this one.

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    ops forgot to click that i am the author.


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