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Pact of the Templar
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  • Project Contributor In response to Pact of the Templar

    I changed some doodad stuff, small bit of terrain editing (fixed holes in ground by the left gold expansion) and I check the ramp with structures in the editor, both ramps can only have 4 pylons around them. I think their the same size.

  • Project Contributor In response to Pact of the Templar

    I'm looking at it with various perspectives and trying to fix it. I can't tell if its actually a different size, or if it just look that way because the bottom one is diagonal and the top one is horizontal.

  • In response to Pact of the Templar

    Simple yet effective. Looks great to just throw down an even 1v1 match.

    But one thing though. The top ramp looks a lot smaller then the bottom ramp. You might want to expand the top ramp a little so if both players try to wall one is not using more buildings vs the other.

    Fix that and this map will be fine! Good work for a quick little map.

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