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Archi - Sky Scraper Square
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  • Thank you for telling me. I'll try it myself. :-D

  • Project Contributor In response to Archi - Sky Scraper Square

    Well there is quite a bit of lighting effects going on, from the Doodads (like omni lighting and some of the props generate their own light), to global lighting and terrain lighting (hit F7 and then go to the lighting tab)(Or go to Window -> lighting).

    Experiment with it, but the hard part is getting it all to balance. Also some lighting controls also lessen the visibility of hp/shield/energy bars for the player, a very annoying issue. You might have the lighting you want but you cant see the HP bar, or the fog of war is almost completely black, gameplay get awkward and ruined just by the lighting before any other issues.

  • hello, excuse me, would you please tell me how to create those light effects in melee map?


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