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Archi - Enders Path
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    This is the second Archi map I've tried and I like this one too, just fix the filename of the map. I can see you have some talent in making melee SC2 maps so I think I'll check all your work. For this one I can say that it's maybe a tiny bit too big for 2 players, other than that it's very good. I'm rating it 4 stars like I did the first one cause your maps are made with same concept Blizzard makes them. I don't see why all starting points and resources should be on plateaus. Kinda gets boring after a while. All maps with plateaus and secret entrance to the base covered with rocks and LOS blockers. I'm new to Starcraft so don't mind me thinking that there might be some other ways to make maps. Anyway, keep up the good work.

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