Latest: ExTraxx - Megaton Deserts

ExTraxx - Megaton Deserts
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Project Rank 177 out of 1,751 in StarCraft 2

Player Information

  • Neutral (Neutral)
  • Spieler-1 (Human)
  • Spieler-2 (Human)
  • Spieler-3 (Human)
  • Spieler-4 (Human)
  • Spieler-5 (Human)
  • Spieler-6 (Human)
  • Spieler-7 (Human)
  • Spieler-8 (Human)
  • Feindlich (Hostile)

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  • In response to ExTraxx - Megaton Deserts

    way to post a decent description for anyone who doesnt know the map. you fail


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